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Esme Patterson - There Will Come Soft Rains [LP]

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Esm? Patterson is songwriter, gambler, singer, lover,
thinker and explorer. She began as a member of the
Denver Folk Pop septet, Paper Bird, and has written
two records as a solo act including All Princes, I
and her second and most recent release, Woman to
Woman, which is a concept album of responses from
female characters in a broad range of well known
love songs. The Guardian called it ''defiant and
witty'', the New York Times found her voice ''wiry
and candid'' with songs that ''hint at mystery and
mortality.'' Audiotree touts ''By putting herself in the
minds of characters like Jolene, Eleanor Rigby, and
Billie Jean, Patterson has crafted a witty, dark, and
intimate twist on the popular tracks.'' Esm? performs in
multiple incarnations. She adds members to raise the
volume and cadence of her tunes but remains powerful alone. Patterson is a magnetic performer and
has appeared on the Leno, Conan and Letterman
programs. Her co-writing with Shakey Graves led to
sold out shows nationwide and millions of downloads
of their collaborations. Esm? lives in Portland, Oregon,
happily small under tall trees.

1. Shelby Tell Me Everything
2. Out The Door
3. Light In Your Window
4. Sleeping Around
5. All Mine
6. What To Do
7. Fool’s Gold
8. Momentito
9. Take It Easy
10. Over and Over

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