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Jimbo Mathus - Band Of Storms [LP]

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Band of Storms is the new EP by Mississippi artist Jimbo Mathus. His twelfth studio album since disbanding his hyper-ragtime vaudeville act Squirrel Nut Zippers in 2000 and Mathus' sixth collaboration with Big Legal Mess Records owner and producer Bruce Watson.
Known as a ''blues mystic'', the ''singing voice of Huck Finn'', and ''the original crazy Mississippi white-boy'', Mathus is also known to have produced Elvis Costello, been Buddy Guy's guitartist, and to perform over 200 shows a year for the past two decades, all while staying true to his vision of true Southern musical craftsmanship. The material runs the gamut from sleazy rock and roll (Gringo Man), brooding southern weirdness (Stop Your Crying) and straight up Appalachian mountain hollers (Catahoula).... in other words a typical Mathus/Watson collaboration. Ignore this record at your own risk.

The Confederate Buddha, the Katfish King, people have a lot of names on a riverboat. Just a little time to dream, dark and murky, only to emerge fire and brimstone. Lightening and kudzu wisdom and wine oh... He's feeling fine, besides either you look cool with a gold tooth or you do not. So listen to the Mississippi mystic and believe... Chris Robinson/The Black Crowes

The late, great producer, raconteur, pianist, session man, artist and sage Jim Dickinson once called Jimbo Mathus ''the singing voice of Huck Finn.'' Outside the South, Jimbo is likely best known as the ringleader of the hyper-ragtime outfit Squirrel Nut Zippers, or as the catalyst for Buddy Guy's breakthrough Sweet Tea in 2001 and Guy's Grammy-winning Blues Singeralbum.


1. Gringo Man
2. Can't Get Much Higher
3. Play With Fire
4. Stop Your Crying
5. Massive Confusion
6. Wayward Wind
7. Slow Down Sun
8. Keep it Together
9. Catahoula

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