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ArnoCorps - The Greatest Band of All Time [LP]

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What began simply as a group of highly trained, militant, Austrian action-rock heroes, has evolved into a ballsy cult sensation known internationally as ArnoCorps.

More than a decade ago, the San Frantastic Bay Area became headquarters to ArnoCorps, the one band determined to restore integrity to the ancient lore and mythology of the Austrian Alpine communities via punk and metal-infused rock anthems with such ancient tales as Terminator, Predator, Total Recall and Last Action Hero.

Although known for hurling audience members record distances and bending steel microphone stands as displays of physical strength, there is no need to fear ArnoCorps explosive live act; they are a rescue team, not assassins. ArnoCorps patented action adventure audio assaults have proved to thousands of willing participants to be a life-changing event. Audience members have claimed to leave with increased muscle mass, a better understanding of lifes mysteries and feeling like goddamn heroes and sheroes.

In their chronicling of heroic tales of great deeds and fantastic adventures, these visionaries have become symbols of empowerment through their ballsy defiance of cinematic Austroploitation. The loyalty of ArnoCorps fans has become legendary, with their donning of combat fatigues and camo face paint at live audio assaults, a growing number of ArnoCorps tattoos and repeated incidents of fans flying overseas just to experience ArnoCorps live.

ArnoCorps conducted headline tours of the UK and Ireland in 2006, 2008 and 2012. Amassing critical acclaim by the British press, including a perfect 10 out of 10 rating from the BBC, they were most recently described as the most fun live show you could imagine by Metal Hammer. 2013 saw ArnoCorps present their fans with the opportunity to determine the recording budget of their next release via Kickstarter, a crowdsourcing website. Earning over $16k, the band hit the studio with Grammy Award winning Producer/Engineer Michael Rosen to track the fantasy-adventure themed record, The Fantastic EP.

As a companion piece to The Fantastic EP, ArnoCorps designed and built an innovative fitness app, Wheel of Pain Push-Ups for iOS devices. Released in early 2014, the app features dynamic real-time verbal feedback based on measured user performance. Lead vocalist Holzfeuer__˜s coaching is delivered on top of a pump-inducing ArnoCorps soundtrack, leading you through a scientifically developed 10-stage exercise program.

Having just signed with Jello Biafras legendary Alternative Tentacles Records, ArnoCorps has announced their return to the UK and Ireland this July, 2014, supporting The Fantastic EP, the Wheel of Pain Push-Ups app, and the vinyl release of their now-classic full length, The Greatest Band Of All Time.

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