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Pathogens, The - Patient Zero [7'']

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Patient Zero is a debut album that combines so many years of punk rock experience, it feels like it was put out by a classic outfit at the height of their power. Combining a high-energy feel, fast riffs, and vocals familiar to anyone acquainted with the East Bay variety of punk rock, the EP conjures up images of circle pits in abandoned warehouses and the destruction of unsuspecting musical establishments.
The album opens with the hard-hitting, chaos worshipping ''Rattle The Cage,'' capturing the original aggression of the Bay Area punk rock scene. With a chorus shouting, ''Let's do something bad,'' what's not for a punk rocker to love? The end of Side A, ''Long Time Gone,'' changes the feel with a melodic sing-alongs about friendship and loss. It has all the ingredients for an alternative radio hit. (That is, if anyone still listened to the radio or alternative music!)
Side B switches the lyrical content of the album from the personal to the political. ''Better Bother You'' brings back the ''punch you in the throat'' feeling, complete with blitz speed riffs and a female Donald Trump impersonation from TILT's Cinder Block. The album finishes with ''Never Say Die,'' a sharp commentary on climate change and our consumption habits. This EP satisfies every need for the punk listener, musically and emotionally.

MARKETING / SELLING POINTS * Digital download included * Pressed on black vinyl or white with oxblood splatter vinyl * Features Bay Area punk veterans: Jesse Luscious (BLATZ, THE CRIMINALS) and Cinder Block (TILT) * Proceeds of the records sold at a benefit show will go to a charity of the band's choice * Tour planned for summer 2018 * Featured band for 2017's BathOakland-Bremen (BOB) festival where they performed in Oakland and Cuba

TRACK LIST SIDE A 1. Rattle The Cage 2. Long Time Gone
SIDE B 1. Better Bother You 2. Never Say Die

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