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Higher State, The - I Just Pretend / Ain't It Hard [7'']

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The Higher State are back with their third single on 13 O' Clock! Special 7'' release with UKstyle punch-out center holes! Following the path of their last release, the Freakout at the Gallery album, the new single finds the group as usual in excellent, top-notch form. The group pounds out a new moody and broody original, I Just Pretend, on the A side, and peels through a nice rendition of the folk-rock staple Ain't It Hard on the flipside. With lyrically-provocative vocal harmonies dolloped generously onto their blend of jangly folk-punk and 60's-style garagepsychedelia riffage, the Higher State delivers the goods once again in spades!

''The Higher State are far more than a pudding bowl re-creation. They're a valid voice for the New Bohemia; time bandits who have shared cokes n' smokes with Gene Clark and Roky! And let's cut the flowery superlatives (words mean little when you are talking about music) and let me just say that the Higher State are the only current U.S.-1960s-styled garage band that you need to hear''. - Jon ''Mojo'' Mills, Shindig! Magazine.

''Featuring ex-members of two great but now-deceased combos, the Mystreated and the Embrooks, the Higher State channel American garage and psych circa 1966-68, and do it exceptionally well.'' - Mike Stax, Ugly Things Magazine.

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