Perfect introduction to Wellness rooms. Starting at $599 with FREE installation.
A double dose of wellness. Starting at $999 with FREE installation.
Upgraded sounds designed for entertaining. Starting at $1889 with FREE installation.
Designed to meet your needs and vision. Starting at $2999 with FREE installation.
Perfect introduction to Wellness rooms. Starting at $599 with FREE installation.
A double dose of wellness. Starting at $999 with FREE installation.
Upgraded sounds designed for entertaining. Starting at $1889 with FREE installation.
Designed to meet your needs and vision. Starting at $2999 with FREE installation.


The wave of relaxation as you walk through a forest in the morning mist.

The calming effect of waves crashing on your favorite beach.

The warm glow of the sun caressing your body.

A gentle breeze winding through the mountains to deliver peace to your soul.

Experience all of this in the comfort and convenience of your home!

Bring Life to Any Room

Our solutions are tailored to your needs and budget. We aim to reduce stress, so we handle everything in your Wellness Room for you. We can help you create the perfect space.

Inside your home or out, we have the perfect solution.

Perfect Anywhere

We can create a personalized Wellness Room inside or outside your home. You decide where it works best for you.

Form and Function

The living wall portion of a Wellness Room can provide beauty and nourishment. Whether you choose herbs, flowers, or even select fruits and vegetables, your Wellness Room will continue to provide many benefits.

Essential Components

Live Plants
Clean air. Improve health. Add life.
Connect with your soul.
Necessary for life.
Calming, refreshing, focusing.
Look good, feel good
What works for you?
Live Plants
Clean air. Improve health. Add life.
Connect with your soul.
Necessary for life.
Calming, refreshing, focusing.
Look good, feel good
What works for you?


Plants can clean the air and reduce harmful VOCs. 


Aromatherapy helps me reduce stress and increase happiness.


A perfect place to disconnect from technology and reconnect with mother nature.


I love the low maintenance nature of my wellness room. Private Technology Group even offers a service package so all I have to do is enjoy the room. 


I am able to go on vacation any time I want without ever leaving my home. 


Bring a sense of peace, joy, relaxation, and rejuvenation to your home. Imagine the scent of lavender helping you relax. Refreshing wisps of mint helping you regain your focus. The balanced humidity restoring your chapped lips. Your favorite chair softly moans as you sink in. Calming music fills the air. The lighting reminding you of the sunset viewed from the Makua caves of Hawaii. You close your eyes and breath deeply. In-tune with nature, the troubles of the day washing away, and a sense of accomplishment filling your body.

This is the magic of a Wellness Room by PTG.

With the stress, technology overload, and ever-expanding concrete jungle, we believe that a Wellness Room can help restore balance and harmony to your life.

A Wellness Room reconnects you with nature and nourishes your soul. It can be a quick charge to help you power through the day or a gentle massage to ease the evening.

A Wellness Room masterfully combines the air-cleaning properties of plants with mind and body focused technologies to provide an aesthetically pleasing and functional space.

Our Wellness Rooms include automatic irrigation systems, so your plants are correctly watered. Most of our solutions provide a holding tank that only needs to refilling every other week.
We also offer a service package to maintain your living walls and make sure they always look amazing.

Yes, we do.

Starting at $35 per visit, we can help ensure your Wellness Room provides you with optimum peace and happiness while reducing your need to service and maintain the plants.
Service packages can include:
- Topping off the water supply
- Maintaining proper fertilization of your plants
- Trimming plants
- Replacing dead or poor performing plants
- Applying firmware updates to technology
- Ensuring all systems are performing optimally
Speak with a Wellness Specialist today to learn more.

Our process starts with an in-home consultation with one of our solution specialists. We meet with you to review your space, budget, and wellness desires.
- We use digital mockups to help you understand the possibilities afforded by your space. Together we decide on the features you require and the design elements that match your lifestyle.
- We create a detailed proposal the highlights the options available, the necessary budgets, and timelines required.
- After we finalize the design, we procure all of the items and schedule an installation date that fits into your schedule.
- Our skilled team of installers will arrive on time and begin by protecting your home and belongings as the transformation process hs started.
- We will work with you to minimize the impact and inconvenience of the process on your life.
- Once the transformation is complete, one of our Wellness Experts will review the care, use, and maintenance of your Wellness Room with you.
- We schedule our satisfaction follow-up that ensures the Wellness Room is performing as expected.
If you have opted for our service plan, we will also create a maintenance schedule that works within your busy life.

We have many ways to ensure a great experience with your Wellness Room.
- We start by helping you pick plants that will thrive in your environment.
- Our planters are designed to water your plants according to their needs automatically. This ensures proper watering and avoids under and over watering.
-We can set up a service plan to take care of your plants for you. This means all you have to do is enjoy your wellness room, and we keep the plants alive for you!

We believe a Wellness Room requires these key elements:

- Living plants

- Music 

- Lighting

- Aroma

- Aesthetics

- Support of Your Wellness Techniques

Living plants bring life and nature into the room. We believe this creates a connection with the soul that revitalizes and improves the lives of those that use the room.
Living plants can also:
- Removes Toxins - According to NASA research, plants remove toxins from air –up to 87% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) every 24 hours. VOCs include substances like formaldehyde (present in rugs, vinyl, cigarette smoke, and grocery bags), benzene, and trichloroethylene (both found in human-made fibers, inks, solvents, and paint). Benzene is commonly found in high concentrations in study settings, where books and printed papers abound.
Purify the Air - Modern climate-controlled, air-tight buildings trap VOCs inside. The NASA research discovered that plants purify that trapped air by pulling contaminants into soil, where root zone microorganisms convert VOCs into food for the plant.
- More Oxygen - Assists in breathing by releasing oxygen
- Deter Illness - Helps deter illness by increasing humidity in the room. Studies at the Agricultural University of Norway document that using plants in interior spaces decreases the incidence of dry skin, colds, sore throats, and dry coughs.
- Improving Health - According to researchers at Kansas State University, adding plants to hospital rooms speeds recovery rates of surgical patients. Compared to patients in rooms without plants, patients in rooms with plants request less pain medication, have lower heart rates and blood pressure, experience less fatigue and anxiety, and are released from the hospital sooner.
- Sharpening Focus - A study at The Royal College of Agriculture in Cirencester, England, found that students demonstrate 70% greater attentiveness when taught in rooms containing plants. In the same study, attendance was also higher for lectures given in classrooms with plants.
- Improve work and memory retention - Several studies with both students and workers reveal that studying or working in the presence of plants can have a pretty dramatic effect. As with simply being in nature, being around plants improves concentration, memory, and productivity. According to a University of Michigan study, being “under the influence of plants” can increase memory retention by up to 20%.
Contact one of our Wellness Specialists to learn more.

We believe that music and sounds resonate with our bodies and inspire health, relaxation, and joy.
Whether you choose to fill your Wellness Room with thundering rainstorms or Thunderstruck by AC/DC, waves crashing on the beach or Dave Mathews Band's Crash Into Me, white noise, or the White Stripes, music can help you escape, recharge, focus, or relax.
One key feature of our wellness rooms is the ability to play the music you need with a minimum of effort. This allows you to relax and focus on your wellness techniques truly.
If you are looking for a new wellness technique, ask us about adding a turntable to your Wellness Room. Playing vinyl records can be a form of meditation.

Light is a requirement for life to thrive on our planet. Proper control of the lighting in your wellness room will ensure that the living plants can grow and survive.
Using technology, we also utilize lights and shades in your Wellness Room to deliver the atmosphere most conducive to your desired Wellness techniques.
If you are looking for quiet contemplation, we can lower the shades and simulate the lighting provided by a calming fire or candlelight.
Are you planning to workout? We can lower the shades for privacy and simulate the afternoon sunlight in the room.
Want to settle in with a good book? We can make sure you have proper lighting to read the pages without creating too much glare.
Please schedule an appointment with us to experience the magic of proper lighting.

We believe the scent is a powerful mechanism that can instantly transport us places.
There are plenty of studies that show how specific scents attract customers to restaurants, inspire retail customers to purchase products or cause people to be alerted to danger.
Scent is so powerful, just talking about certain situations can elicit a scent recalls. Think movie theater popcorn, fresh baked cookies or bread, clean laundry, freshly brewed coffee, or a hot cup of mint tea.
Scent an essential part of survival. What is the first thing you do with a carton of milk that is half empty? Creating an environment that's filled with safe and relaxing aromas is key to a good wellness experience.

We believe that a well-designed, cohesive wellness room allows you to begin your wellness journey quickly and with reduced stress. When space is designed for wellness, you can eliminate the stress of different colors. This helps you train your body and mind to recognize the area as a place of safety, productivity, or relaxation.
We work with you to create a space that is functional and beautiful. A well-designed Wellness Room that you can be proud to share with friends. And can add value to your home and your life.

Wellness Techniques are simply activities and practices that you use to improve your mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.
Few examples are:
- Meditation
- Yoga
- Reading a book
- Prayer
- Writing in a diary
- Listening to music
- Pondering an original piece of art
- Conversation with friends
- Enjoying a glass of wine
- A good glass of whiskey and a favorite album on vinyl

The techniques are endless and as varied as people themselves.
We help you identify the techniques that work for you or methods you would like to explore. Once we know the ways you want to focus on, we can create a Wellness Room that supports those techniques.

Learn more...

Wellness Rooms

- Energize

- Clean Air

- Lower Stress

- Escape at Home

- Refresh the Soul

- Reconnect with Nature

Wellness Room Packages


Basic Wellness Room Package
  • $999.00
  • $599.00


Double Wellness Room Package
  • $1,299.00
  • $899.00


Entertainment Wellness Room Package
  • $2,299.00
  • $1,799.00
Custom Wellness Room Package
  • $2,999.00

Prefer to DIY?

We sell many of the components so you can create your own vision.

Florafelt Compact Living Wall Kit
  • $289.00
Florafelt 2-Pocket Vertical Garden Planter
  • $49.00
Florafelt 4-Pocket Panel Living Wall System
  • $89.00
Florafelt 8-Pocket Panel Living Wall System
  • $160.00
Florafelt 12-Pocket Panel Living Wall System
  • $159.00
Florafelt 24-Pocket Panel Living Wall System
  • $320.00
Florafelt Recirc 24-Pocket Wall Mounted Living Wall System
  • $2,195.00
Florafelt Recirc 66-Pocket Free-Standing Double Sided
  • $5,095.00