Employee - Andres Fragoso, Jr. - Gallery Manager

Andre is originally from Santa Monica, CA. He attended Venice High School, which was filmed in Grease as Ridel High. What he misses most of his roots is the weather where it is sunny and cold almost all year long. The prominent museums and the variety of cultural events that take place all across Southern California. 

Moving to Las Vegas was not Andre's first choice to move for a new home. However, he did not have much choice at 17 of where he could go. As the years went by and seeing Hotels go down and other Spring up, he has made Las Vegas his home.

"Art, to me, is mesmerizing. It's like looking into someone else's soul. To me, it's a representation of my feelings and emotions looking back."

Andres is a published author and is active in the writing community. He has a monthly program called Voice for the Voiceless, where writers come to read their books that express the Voice of the voiceless. With a Master's Degree in Business Management and Marketing, he is an excellent asset to AVG. His writing experience helps him with AVG's blogs and articles.

"I love AVG. I've worked in other art galleries before, but here I have a sense of family. Not only that, but the artists who come here are experienced, skilled, and creative. There's a lot to see all the time, and I feel artistic on two levels. 

"If you want to feel natural energy or view a great piece of art or even read a great book by local authors, you should come to visit AVG. Something's always happening here. See you soon."