Karen I Coates

Karen was born in San Jose, Costa Rica. At the age of six, her family immigrated to Miami, Florida where they established their roots for generations to come. Her family was heavily invested in the artistic scope of the world. Her love for the arts started at a young age where she watched her father drawing as a hobby. She as well as her two brothers took artistic expression through drawing and painting.


Featured Piece


80's Love
  • $4,600.00
Ahead of his Time
  • $3,460.00
Dreaming of You
  • $5,400.00
Frozen Lava
  • $860.00
  • $4,600.00
Love Dolls 1
  • $300.00
Love Dolls 2
  • $300.00
Love Dolls 3
  • $300.00
Marilyn in Summer Wind
  • $4,600.00
  • $5,760.00
Tropical Waterfall
  • $2,000.00