Support Artists. Save Money.


We all know how difficult this time of uncertainty is for everyone. Even those of us with the most stable incomes are feeling the impact of this global event.

We find ourselves spending more time inside with fewer personal interactions. I ask that you look around the home or room you are spending most of your time. Take stock of what you see. Now, think about who makes everything in your space possible. At the heart of most everything, lives an artist.

An artist created the pattern on your favorite blanket that makes you feel safe while you cuddle on the couch. Artists wrote the books and created the stories that inspired engineers to develop the cell phone, internet, and TV that help you maintain your social distance. Artists are responsible for most of the content you view on your TV, listen to on your speakers, or read in books and magazines. If you are fortunate enough to have works of art brightening your room, you already understand how vital artists are for a happy and fulfilling life.

Having the pleasure of working with many artists, I can tell you that many of them are struggling. They are such humble, caring, and proud individuals that they have trouble asking for help. They dismiss their struggle by looking at those even less fortunate than themselves. It is this nature that confuses the most logical of individuals and yet is essential for the artists to create and exist. Great artists are the opposite of the squeaky wheel and often neglected until they break, leaving us longing for their contribution.

That is why I am leading the charge to help artists. I have created two discount codes to help artists sell originals and help you improve your living space.

The first code is for those of us struggling ourselves. Use the code SupportArt to get 10% off of any original piece of art. 

If you are in a position to help more, use the code HonorTheArtist to receive $1 off of the purchase, and we will discount our commission to the artist by 15%. This means every purchase with this code gives more money directly to the artist.

Unable to afford original art but still want to brighten your life with artwork and support artists? Use code Print4Support to get 10% off the purchase of art prints.

Even if you can't afford a print, we still want you to enjoy art and support artists. We are going to give away one 12" art print of your choice (from our site :) ) to one person on Instagram and one person on Facebook. We will pick one person at random from each platform on Tuesday, April 14th, at noon pacific time. To enter, you just have to follow/like us and respond to the contest post by tagging your favorite artist and telling us why they are amazing. 

The contest is designed to raise awareness and help all of the artists that brighten our lives. Help us make sure they know how much we appreciate them. 

Art is Essential