Open call for submissions for the Joys and Pains of Love’s Exhibit in February 2021 at Alpha Voyage Gallery


Art Exhibit

The Joys and Pains of Love’s Exhibit expresses the Joys of Love or the Pains of Love through mixed media by local talent. Each piece focuses on either the joys or the pains of the artist when it comes to love. Thus creating an existential experience for the art enthusiast and literary aficionado. 


Express what Joys of Love and/or Pains of Love mean to you. 


We are looking for art, music, literature, live performance, photography, songs, spoken word, love or pain letters, video, and more. 


Submit your vision for the Love’s Exhibit today to by January 30. 2021. With the Subject line as: “Love’s Exhibit Entry.”



It can be any medium, not limited to art, music, literature, live performance, photography, songs, spoken word, love or pain letters, video, or others.


Expresses one of the following?

  • Joys of Love
  • Pains of Love


Submitted images may be used to promote the show to the public via online and print publications, social media, flyers, and posters.





With the SUBJECT line:


With the following information for each piece


Meaning or story to convey






How will you be promoting this event if you are selected?

Website, Email, Social Media, Other.



Selection Process

A panel of judges will read all submissions and select those that will be included in each participating category. 


We’re searching for:

  • Quality of Work
  • Expression of Joy 
  • Expression of Pain


All participants will be notified of the decision. Submissions do not guarantee participation.


Terms and Conditions

By submitting literary work, you agree to accept the following terms & conditions:

  • Unpublished in any format, such as your website, blog, anthology.
  • Your work stands alone
  • No fanfic
  • It must be original.
  • It contains no pornography (eroticism is fine). The piece should focus on the story, not the sex
  • Includes no racism; excessive gore; or other obscenity
  • It is written in English unless otherwise noted
  • It has been edited and proofed. The only editing we will do will be minor proofing. It will be returned for one edit. If in the opinion of the editors, the story requires further editing, it will not be accepted
  • Our Editors decide on whether to publish your submission, and it is final


By submitting other types of work, you agree to accept the terms & conditions as noted on the website.